What is the price of composite geotextile?

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Gtmgeotextile Staff asked 2 years ago

What is the price of composite geotextile?Where to find geotextile geocomposite supplier near me?

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Gtmgeotextile Staff answered 2 years ago

The price of composite geotextiles is about a few yuan per square meter, and the cheaper ones are one or two yuan. The price of composite geotextile is affected by many aspects, such as brand, category, specification, market, etc. Before choosing to buy, it is necessary to understand and compare in many aspects. Composite geotextile is a member of geosynthetics family, which is widely used in highway, railway, water conservancy, large-scale construction, power plant ash dam construction, non-ferrous metal tailing treatment, environmental protection engineering, water and soil conservation, etc. For more information and price of composite geotextile, please consult geotextile and geomembrane manufacturer.

Gtmgeotextile Staff answered 2 years ago

Geotextile itself has the function of water permeability, reinforcement and filter, and has no anti-seepage characteristics. The anti-seepage geotextile here refers to two cloth and one membrane or one cloth and one membrane composite geomembrane; two cloth and one membrane refers to the geotextile on both sides and the anti-seepage membrane in the middle; while one cloth and one membrane refers to the non-woven geotextile on one side and the anti-seepage membrane on the other. The price ranges from 2.5 yuan to 18 yuan.
The impervious geotextile is mainly used in the field of artificial lake, reservoir dam and landfill.

Gtmgeotextile Staff answered 2 years ago

The composite geomembrane (composite anti-seepage membrane) is divided into one cloth one membrane and two cloth one membrane, with a width of 4-6m and a weight of 200-1500g / m2. It has high physical and mechanical performance indexes such as tensile strength, tear resistance and bursting. The product has the characteristics of high strength, good extension performance, large deformation modulus, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, aging resistance and good anti-seepage performance. It can meet the needs of civil engineering in water conservancy, municipal administration, construction, transportation, subway, tunnel, engineering construction, such as seepage prevention, isolation, reinforcement, crack prevention and reinforcement. It can be used in unconventional temperature environment because of its high polymer material and anti-aging agent added in the production process. It is often used for anti-seepage treatment of dykes and drainage ditches, as well as anti pollution treatment of waste dump