How much is geotextile per square meter?

DWQA QuestionsHow much is geotextile per square meter?
Gtmgeotextile Staff asked 2 years ago
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Gtmgeotextile Staff answered 2 years ago

Geotextile is divided into staple fiber geotextile and filament nonwoven  geotextile. The weight of each gram varies from 100g to 1000g per square meter. Take 200g national standard geotextile as an example, the price of 200g national standard staple fiber geotextile is about 1.85 yuan per square meter, and the price of the same specification standard filament nonwoven  geotextile is about 2 pieces per square meter. I hope it can help you, thank you!

Gtmgeotextile Staff answered 2 years ago

Woven geotextile: 1.20-8.50 yuan / m2
Filament geotextile: 1.60-9.60 yuan / m2
Short fiber geotextile: 1.20-9.80 yuan / m2
Impervious geotextile: 3.60-28.0 yuan / m2
Geotextile is a new type of building material, which is made of polyester, polypropylene, acrylic, nylon and other polymer synthetic fibers. According to the manufacturing method, it can be divided into two types: woven geotextile and non-woven geotextile. It can be divided into anti-seepage, anti filtration, drainage, isolation, reinforcement, protection, sealing and other functions according to its use. Based on various factors, the price is also different

Gtmgeotextile Staff answered 2 years ago

The most commonly used geotextiles are filament geotextiles and staple fiber geotextiles, both of which are non-woven geotextiles and are widely used.
Take 100g black geotextile and green geotextile as examples. Both of them belong to non-standard short silk geotextile. The unit price of 100g black geotextile is about 0.6 yuan, and 100g green geotextile is divided into two kinds: dark green geotextile and grass green geotextile. The unit price of dark green geotextile is about 0.75 yuan per square meter, while the unit price of grass green geotextile is about 0.82 yuan.